Upcoming Talks

Our monthly meetings take place at the Clifton Centre, Ashdene Road, and start at 7:30pm.

Below is a list of our upcoming talks, but for more information please contact: Mrs Sally James (Treasurer) on 01869 243804 or email:

15th May 2017
Local History and How to do it!
Liz Woolley

A talk for groups whose members may be interested in finding out how to go about researching the history of their local area. Have you ever wondered why the church is at one end of your village, rather than in the middle? Or what was on the corner of your street before that ugly block of flats was built? Are you investigating your family history and would like to know more about where your ancestors lived or the community they were part of? Growing numbers of people are enjoying researching the history of their local area, be it parish, village, town, suburb, street, or even a single building. Being a local historian is rather like being a detective – great fun – but hopefully without the risk of being kidnapped, shot or arrested! This talk aims to inspire and to inform, giving lots of ideas about where to start, what sources of information are available, and what to do with the results of all your hard work.

19th June 2017
Glove Making in Oxfordshire
Carol Anderson

The talk is a balance of history from origins to the final decline of the industry in Oxfordshire and a look at the process from the raw material through to finished product. Some handling items will illustrate some aspects of the process and some examples of local products will be available.

17th July 2017
The Peripatetic Poor in the 18th Century
Deborah Hayter

With evidence from some little used parish sources this talk shows how very mobile the poor were at this time, and how this is revealed by the administration of Settlement law.

18th September 2017
Historical Miscellany (and AGM)

16th October 2017
Evacuation to Bicester and Local Villages 1939-45
Martin Greenwood

This talk will cover the experience of the evacuees and the effect on them and the local communities and schools.

20th November 2017
A Window into Bicester's Architectural History
Pat Snelson

18th December 2017
Canal Communities
Martin Buckland

This talk focusses on the canal communities of the past, telling the human story behind the building and working of the Wilts & Berks Canal. It covers some of the families involved and the role of women during wartime.