Roll of Honour

Below is a list of men and women from the local area who died in the First World War. It has been collated from all the war memorials in the area, as well as information from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and other local sources.

But the information is far from complete and we would like to gather together as much information on these people, and any others from the area who served in the conflict. If you can help us by contributing any documents, photographs, objects or stories that you have then please contact us at:

First Name(s) Surname Local War Memorial Rank Service Number Date of Death Age Regiment Memorial/Burial Location
Cyril Joseph George Adams Hethe Lance Corporal 10295 25/09/1915 17 Ox&Bucks 5th Harlebeke Cemetery, Belgium
John Adams Lower Heyford Private G/18854 05/11/1917 24 Royal West Surrey Reg. 3rd/4th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
George Aldridge Ambrosden & Arncott Methodist Private 21011 07/07/1916 35 Welsh Reg. 16th Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Somme
William John Alldridge Bicester Lance Corporal 68 13/08/1915 25 East Anglian Reg. 1st Helles Memorial, Turkey
Arthur Allen Upper Heyford Private 14641 13/04/1916 27 Royal Fusiliers 9th Loos Memorial, France
John Henry Allen Somerton            
Richard John Allen Bicester Private TR/8/17978 10/06/1917   Training Reserve 35th Bicester
William E Allen Fritwell Driver 109505 12/07/1917 20 Royal Field Artillery 153rd Lijssenthoek Cemetery, Belgium
Walter George Andrews Bicester Corporal 10023 12/10/1914 30 Bedfordshire Reg. 1st Le Touret Memorial, France
Arthur, The Hon. Annesley Bletchingdon Captain   16/11/1914 34 Royal Hussars 10th Ypres Cemetery, France
Henry Ashmore Bicester Private 12187 06/08/1916 31 Border Reg. 7th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Charles Austin Ambrosden & Bicester Private 241654 27/08/1917 46 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 1st/6th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Frank Austin Launton Lance Corporal 25027 05/06/1917 27 Wiltshire Reg. 1st Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
George Frederick Thomas Austin Chesterton Private 27914 14/09/1918 19 Wiltshire Reg. 6th Premont Cemetery, France
Joseph Avery   Private 28743 19/11/1916 31 Gloucestershire Reg. 10th Warlencourt Cemetery, France
Bernard Ayres Merton Driver 296914 25/03/1920   Royal Field Artillery Shiplake, Oxfordshire
Vincent Ayres Merton Private 27910 13/11/1916   East Yorkshire Reg. 8th Queens Cemetery, France
Albert Ayris Stratton Audley Private S/10228 07/01/1916 31 Seaforth Highlanders 1st Basra Memorial, Iraq
Thomas George Ayris Bicester Sergeant 3477 24/10/1916 26 Rifle Brigade 2nd Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Thomas Henry Ayris Bicester & Stratton Audley Private 288883 21/06/1917   Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars Templeux-le-Guerard Cemetery, Somme
Nathaniel Bagnall Islip Private 16750 24/10/1914 19 Grenadier Guards 1st Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Basil Howard Baker Chesterton Lieutenant   22/05/1918 21 Rifle Brigade 2nd Villers Station Cemetery, France
Percival Charles Bangs Bicester Private 90672 23/03/1918 26 Royal Army Medical Corps 140thFA Achiet-le-Grand Cemetery, France
Arthur Bannister Bicester Private 8807 16/05/1915 34 Ox&Bucks 2nd Le Touret Memorial, France
Frederick James Batchelor Fringford Private 306529 27/08/1917 28 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 1st/8th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Harvey Bateman Bletchingdon Leading Cook's Mate M/303 17/06/1916 34 Royal Navy Chatham Memorial
Arthur Rest Bates   Private 61309 14/06/1917 29 Royal Army Medical Corps 89thFA Manor Park Cemetery, London
William Henry Bates Souldern Corporal 207283 27/05/1918 23 Worcestershire Reg. 3rd Marfaux Cemetery, France
Joseph George Baughan Bicester Private 16926 16/05/1915 33 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Le Touret Memorial, France
Jesse William Baylis Upper Heyford Private 201905 02/04/1918 19 Ox&Bucks 2nd/1st Namps-au-Val Cemetery, Somme
Gordon Cecil Bazeley Bletchingdon Sergeant 21842 13/10/1916 22 Durham Lgt. Inf. 13th Bois-Guillaume Cemetery, France
Arthur James Bennett Fritwell Private 267697 21/03/1918 37 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Chapelle Cemetery, France
Frederick Berry Chesterton Private 202109 23/08/1917 24 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Richard Frederick Norreys Bertie Weston-on-the-Green Lieutenant   20/11/1917 41 Berks. Yeomanry Jerusalem Cemetery, Palestine
Henry Best Bucknell Gunner 96796 25/09/1917 35 Royal Garrison Artillery 213thSB Birr Cross Cemetery, Ypres
Herbert L Bignell Finmere Private 8578 14/03/1915 30 Northampton Reg. 2nd Le Touret Memorial, France
Harry Binding Souldern Private 202605 08/10/1917 26 Manchester Reg. 2nd/5th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
John Blaby Cottisford Private 26607 23/04/1917 31 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st La Chaudiere Cemetery, France
William Blaby Cottisford Rifleman 40665 01/04/1917 28 Royal Irish Rifles 1st Fins Cemetery, Somme
Alfred Read Blackwell   Private G/9285 15/09/1916 43 Royal West Kent Reg. 11th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Henry Thomas Blake   Rifleman S/11048 21/08/1916 38 Rifle Brigade Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Stewart Lenton Blaxley Bicester 2nd Lieutenant   23/04/1917 31 Royal Welsh Fusiliers Wancourt Cemetery
Albert Blencowe   Rifleman 47908 01/10/1918 41 Royal Irish Rifles 12th Dadizeele Cemetery, Belgium
Edward Henry Blencowe Mixbury Private 10695 24/06/1915 21 Ox&Bucks 5th Bailleul Cemetery, France
Ernest Alfred Victor Blencowe Cottisford Private 143575 15/04/1918 32 Machine Gun Corps Le Grand Beaumart Cemetery, France
Sidney Blencowe Souldern Private 5553 03/05/1917 34 Australian Infantry 23rd Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
Gilbert Boddington Weston-on-the-Green Private 10873 20/06/1915 33 Ox&Bucks 5th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Joseph John Boddington Upper Heyford Private 23861 28/08/1916 21 Ox&Bucks 5th Heilly Station Cemetery, Somme
Frederick Charles Bolton Middleton Stoney Private 1719 23/07/1916 25 Australian Infantry 9th Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France
Guy Bonham-Carter Bicester Captain   15/05/1915 30 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars 19th Vlamertinghe Cemetery, Belgium
Jesse Bottrell Bicester Lance Corporal 12160 15/08/1916 23 Ox&Bucks 6th Etretat Churchyard
Joseph Bowerman   Bombardier 90521 09/05/1915 38 Royal Horse Artillery Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Geoffrey Vaux Salvin Bowlby   Captain   13/05/1915 32 Royal Horse Guards Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Albert Henry Grace Boyles Bicester Private 285404 23/03/1918 22 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars Pozieres Memorial, France
Cecil Arthur Brandrick Stoke Lyne Private 18495 28/08/1916 24 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 11th Wimereux Cemetery, France
Albert Edward Brockless Bicester Corporal 8541 03/10/1920 23 Ox&Bucks 3rd Bicester (non CWGC)
Thomas Beck Brown Launton Private 1162 21/08/1915 22 Royal Bucks. Hussars Helles Memorial, Turkey
Ernest Wilfred Buckingham Merton            
Humphry Paul Stennett Buckley Kirtlington Captain   29/07/1917 22 East Yorkshire Reg. 7th Arras Memorial, France
George Augustus Bullock Bletchingdon Gunner 158779 18/02/1919 31 Royal Garrison Artillery 443rdSB Cologne Southern Cemetery, France
Gilbert Humphries Burden Islip Sergeant 200627 16/08/1917 22 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Albert William Busby Horton-cum-Studley Private 22639 01/08/1916 27 Ox&Bucks 6th Sucrerie Cemetery, Somme
Edward John Busby Launton Private 241361 28/09/1918 20 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Estaires Cemetery, France
Leonard Busby   Private 42649 16/06/1917 23 Worcestershire Reg. 2nd Messines Ridge Cemetery, Belgium
Percy Busby Ambrosden & Arncott Methodist Private 203275 05/04/1917 19 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Templeux-le-Guerard Cemetery, Somme
George Newton Buswell Horton-cum-Studley Private 285484 20/05/1917 24 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars Templeux-le-Guerard Cemetery, Somme
Arthur George Butler Launton Private 18509 08/02/1917 29 Ox&Bucks 5th Wanquetin Cemetery, France
Charles W Butler Stoke Lyne Private 17159 29/11/1915   Hampshire Reg. 2nd Alexandria Military Cemetery, Egypt
Ernest George Butler Weston-on-the-Green Private 45566 24/08/1918   Royal Berks. Reg. Vis-en-Artois Memorial, France
Percy Butler Weston-on-the-Green Private 70402 31/05/1918 34 Devonshire Reg. 2nd Soissons Memorial, France
William Butler Bicester Private 285406 21/06/1917 28 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars Thiepval Memorial, Somme
William Charles Butler Launton Private 5373 21/07/1916 27 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Laventie Cemetery, France
Harold Hunt Caffyn   Captain   22/03/1915 33 North Staffordshire Reg. 3rd/1st Ploegsteert Memorial, Belgium
William James Callow Souldern Private 240310 22/08/1917 27 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Albert Edward Castle Launton Private 962 30/07/1915 27 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Hebuterne Cemetery, France
Arthur George Castle Launton Rifleman 9933 25/07/1916 24 King's Royal Rifle Corps 2nd Daours Cemetery, Somme
Aubrey Castle Launton Private 201694 22/08/1917 19 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Herbert Charles Castle Launton Private 2178 23/07/1916 19 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Pozieres Cemetery, France
James Cherry Ambrosden & Arncott Methodist Private 19227 25/09/1915 27 Bedfordshire Reg. 2nd Loos Memorial, France
Albert Thomas Clanfield Bletchingdon Driver 178272 22/12/1918 22 Royal Field Artillery Sarigol Military Cemetery, Greece
George Cleaver   Private 1878 19/09/1915 20 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Souldern
Archibald Clifford Finmere Private 5762 16/05/1915 34 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Le Touret Memorial, France
Frank Clifford Finmere Private 19638 01/07/1916 21 Wiltshire Reg. 2nd Thiepval Memorial, Somme
William Clifford Finmere Private SD/659 03/09/1916 26 Royal Sussex Reg. 11th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Howard George Clifton Bicester Private 4700 23/07/1916 18 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Walter Leonard Coggins Bicester Rifleman R/38854 13/01/1919 19 King's Royal Rifle Corps 10th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Wilfrid George Coggins Bicester 2nd Lieutenant   15/12/1916 19 Queens Own West Kent Reg. 4th St Sever Cemetery, France
Cadwallader John Coker Bicester Lieutenant   22/06/1915 23 Welsh Reg. 1st Ridge Wood Cemetery, Belgium
John Cadwallader Coker Bicester Lieutenant   26/09/1914 27 South Wales Borders 1st Vendresse Cemetery, France
Albert E Coles Bicester Private 2947 28/03/1916 29 Ox&Bucks 1st/1st Hebuterne Cemetery, France
Charles Alfred Coles   Private 23092 06/08/1915   Worcestershire Reg. 4th Helles Memorial, Turkey
George Walter Coles Bicester Private 285837 21/03/1918 23 Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars Pozieres Memorial, France
William M Coles Bicester Private 9841 13/11/1916   Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Arthur John Collett Charlton-on-Otmoor Private G/4765 18/08/1916 31 Middlesex Reg. 13th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Cecil Joseph Collett   Gunner 162399 06/04/1918 20 Royal Field Artillery Hedauville Cemetery, Somme
Henry Willie Collett Bletchingdon 1st Cl: Boy J/18135 26/11/1914 18 Royal Navy Portsmouth Naval Memorial
William Collett Charlton-on-Otmoor Private 12223 05/09/1916 36 Ox&Bucks 6th Corbie Cemetery, Somme
Gilbert Collins Stoke Lyne Private 17404 22/08/1917 21 Ox&Bucks 5th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Charles George Colton Bicester Corporal 202284 13/01/1918 28 Royal West Surrey Reg. 3rd/4th Epehy Wood Farm Cemetery, France
George John Cooling   Sergeant 8388 09/05/1915 28 Royal Berks. Reg. 2nd Ploegsteert Memorial, Belgium
Arthur Cooper Charlton-on-Otmoor Private 22933 16/02/1917 21 Royal Berks. Reg. 11th Dernancourt Cemetery, Somme
Corin Henry Benedict Cooper Upper Heyford Lieutenant   20/11/1916 24 Royal Engineers 178thTC Etaples Cemetery, France
George James Cooper Charlton-on-Otmoor Lance Corporal 25990 26/05/1918 20 Royal West Surrey Reg. 11th Gwalia Cemetery, Belgium
Arthur George Coppock Bicester Private 8808 22/05/1915 26 Ox&Bucks 2nd Wimereux Cemetery, France
Herbert E Couling Bicester Sergeant 03476 17/05/1919   Royal Army Ordinance Corps Bicester
Arthur Cox Charlton-on-Otmoor & Horton-cum-Studley Private 11939 16/05/1915 24 Ox&Bucks 2nd Le Touret Memorial, France
Edmund Cox Weston-on-the-Green Gunner 200 06/06/1916 31 Royal Garrison Artillery 128thHB Brandhoek Cemetery, Belgium
Harry Cox   Sergeant 10220 24/08/1916 19 Ox&Bucks 5th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
John Henry Cox Stratton Audley Private 40512 04/03/1917 24 Royal Scots 17th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Reginald Gilbert Cox Horton-cum-Studley Sergeant 10715 09/04/1917 25 Ox&Bucks 5th Tilloy Cemetery, France
Frederick Arthur Crawford   Private 38081 16/08/1917 33 Royal Berks. Reg. 2nd Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Harold Crawford Merton            
Mark Herbert Crawford Merton   22137 or 36605 1917 or 1918      
Percival Crawford Merton Private 40076 04/10/1917 28 Royal Dublin Fusiliers 1st Dozinghem Cemetery, Belgium
Reginald Crawford Merton            
Allen Dennis Cross Cottisford Private G/23014 20/09/1917   Royal West Surrey Reg. 10th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Leeman John Cross Cottisford Private 70751 27/11/1917   Berks. Yeomanry Jerusalem Memorial, Palestine
William Harry Curtis Stoke Lyne Private 100800 31/12/1917   Machine Gun Corps Chatby Memorial, Egypt
William James Dagley Stratton Audley Private 26877 21/03/1918   Leicestershire Reg. 1st Arras Memorial, France
Christopher James Dale Upper Heyford Private 285498 23/03/1918 31 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars Chauny Cemetery, France
Thomas Robert Dale Upper Heyford Private 17824 14/04/1915 37 Ox&Bucks 3rd Portsdown Military Cemetery
P A Damant Stoke Lyne Private 19157 27/04/1918 30 Royal West Kent Reg. 10th Hagle Dump Cemetery, Belgium
Ernest George Dashwood Kirtlington Captain   12/05/1915 35 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Rifle House Cemetery, Belgium
Lionel Albert Dashwood Kirtlington 2nd Lieutenant   16/05/1915 27 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Le Touret Memorial, France
Wilfred James Dashwood Kirtlington Lieutenant   02/08/1917 34 Grenadier Guards 1st Dozinghem Cemetery, Belgium
George Frederick Davies Finmere Private 5769 12/10/1916 36 Royal Fusiliers 1st/4th St Sever Cemetery, Rouen
Vivian David Davies Bicester Private 21/444 28/03/1918 29 Durham Lgt. Inf. 18th Douchy-les-Ayette Cemetery, France
H H Davis   Private DM2/190627 26/06/1918 32 Army Service Corps Terlincthun Cemetery, Wimille
George Moore Day Souldern Stoker, 2nd K/37983 23/03/1917 36 Royal Navy Chatham Naval Memorial
James Dean Bicester Private 16577 25/09/1915 36 Ox&Bucks 5th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
George William Dix Dearlove Bletchingdon Private 306326 25/10/1918 24 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 2nd/7th Awoingt Cemetery
Percy Deeley Ambrosden & Arncott Methodist Private 22795 16/12/1918   Ox&Bucks 7th Sofia War Cemetery, Bulgaria
James Dixon Fringford Captain   10/03/1915 30 Middlesex Reg. 2nd  
Philip Denys Doyne Beckley Lance Corporal 6644 27/01/1916 24 Royal Irish Rifles 2nd Tancrez Farm Cemetery, Belgium
A Drake   Lance Corporal P/11991 23/01/1918 46 Military Police Corps Falmouth Cemetery
Arnold Drinkwater Islip Private DM2/154280 10/02/1917 22 Royal Army Service Corps Morogoro Cemetery, Tanzania
William James Drinkwater Bletchingdon Private 1468 23/07/1916 28 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 14th Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval
William Barnard Duffield Islip Private 107973 30/04/1918 23 Machine Gun Corps 59th Denain Cemetery, France
Cyril George Pople Durrant Bicester Engine Room Artificer M/7271 05/09/1914 27 Royal Navy Chatham Naval Memorial
Albert Douglas East Bicester Private 8587 30/07/1916 18 Ox&Bucks 2nd Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Arthur East Bicester Sergeant 11848 16/05/1918 41 Royal Army Medical Corps 48thFA Couin New British Cemetery, France
Harry Eaves Ambrosden Gunner 198283 02/03/1917 33 Royal Field Artillery 7th Banbury
Arthur Edgington Kirtlington Lance Corporal 201991 20/11/1918 21 Ox&Bucks 4th Kirtlington
William Isaac Edgington Kirtlington Private 18291 25/09/1915 22 Ox&Bucks 5th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Edwin Edmunds Ambrosden Private 285834 12/08/1918 23 Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars Villers-Bretonneux Cemetery, France
William John Edwards   Private 46045 15/08/1917 24 Machine Gun Corps Voormezeele Cemetery, Belgium
William Egerton Bicester Private 28677 23/05/1917 19 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 11th Arras Memorial, France
Vincent Sampson Ellington   Private 266930 22/08/1917 37 Seaforth Highlanders 8th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
William Elliott Ardley Private 99146 28/10/1918 32 Labour Corps. Fewcott
James Henry Eyles Stratton Audley Private 24191 10/06/1916 19 Gloucestershire Reg. 14th Merville Cemetery, France
Horatio Alfred Fane Bicester Captain   11/08/1918 34 Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars Mezieres Cemetery, Somme
Octavius Edward Fane Bicester Major   18/09/1918 31 Royal Garrison Artillery 128thHB Hancourt British Cemetery, Somme
Robert Gerald Fane Bicester Commander   15/05/1917 35 Royal Navy Bari War Cemetery, Italy
George Herbert Farley   2nd Lieutenant   16/08/1917 22 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 3rd Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Henry Patrick Farrer Cottisford Driver 61478 26/11/1918 37 Royal Engineers 94thFC St Sever Cemetery, France
J W Fathers Hethe Private 48601 26/08/1916   Royal Berkshire Reg. 5th Peronne Road Cemetery, Somme
Walter James Faulks Islip Private 13518 18/08/1916 21 Ox&Bucks 7th Karasouli Cemetery, Greece
Frank Fox Middleton Stoney Lance Corporal 9503 21/10/1914 21 Ox&Bucks 2nd Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
John Gilbert Francis Bicester Private 29130 13/08/1916 30 Machine Gun Corps Loos Cemetery, France
James Franklin Oddington            
Thomas Franklin Oddington Private 57992 16/06/1918 25 Royal Fusiliers 11th Annois Cemetery, France
George Freeman Launton Private 285396 27/03/1918 25 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars St Sever Cemetery, France
Harold Alfred French Hethe Private 285306 01/04/1918 22 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars Moreuil Cemetery, Somme
Percy James French Hethe Private PLY/1948 22/08/1917 19 Royal Marine Light Inf. 2nd Duisans Cemetery, France
George Hollis Gardner Islip Private 16561 05/03/1916 33 Ox&Bucks 6th Essex Farm Cemetery, Belgium
Sidney Gaskin Cottisford Lance Corporal 8468 27/09/1916 27 Ox&Bucks 1st Baghdad War Cemetery, Iraq
Thomas Gaskins Ambrosden & Arncott Methodist Private 30876 14/07/1916 21 Machine Gun Corps. 11th Sucrerie Cemetery, Somme
John William Gerring Fringford Private 84598 22/12/1917 23 Machine Gun Corps 11th Windmill Cemetery, France
Bernard Kenneth Gibbard Ardley Private 46937 17/04/1918 20 Worcestershire Reg. 3rd Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Henry (Harry) Gibbard Islip & Noke Private 17298 11/08/1915 30 Hampshire Reg. 10th Chatby War Cemetery, Alexandria
Charles Douglas Giles Kirtlington Private 19893 18/09/1916 19 Machine Gun Corps 42nd Heilly Station Cemetery, Somme
Gordon Girdlestone Merton            
Wilfred Clarence Golby   Private 32739 07/10/1916 21 Ox&Bucks 6th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Albert Golder Upper Heyford Private 8611 16/09/1914 28 Ox&Bucks 2nd Vailly Cemetery, France
Arthur Charles Benson Golder Upper Heyford Private 10029 26/09/1915 24 Ox&Bucks 2nd Choques Cemetery, France
Edgar Golder Bicester Private 7175 31/10/1914 31 Ox&Bucks 2nd Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
William M Golder Stoke Lyne Private 24231 20/10/1917 30 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 2nd Etaples Cemetery, France
Frank Gordon Bicester Gunner 170075 30/11/1917 35 Royal Garrison Artillery Cambrai Memorial, France
Henry Giles Grace Bicester Private 9333 19/11/1914 23 Coldstream Guards 3rd Abbeville Cemetery, Somme
William H G Grace Bicester Lance Corporal          
Thomas Arthur Grantham Bicester Private 32798 07/10/1916 22 Ox&Bucks 6th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Thomas George Green Horton-cum-Studley Private 203612 19/04/1917 21 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
John Howard Grimsley Bicester Sergeant 200260 15/06/1918 23 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Boscon Cemetery, Italy
William Henry G Grimsley Bicester Lieutenant   06/10/1918 27 Yorkshire Reg. 14th/9th Beaurevoir Cemetery, France
William Haines Bucknell Private T4/093164 15/11/1917 21 Army Service Corps, 15th Reserve Vlamertinghe Cemetery, Belgium
William Henry Hall   Lance Corporal   31/07/1917   Wiltshire Reg. 2nd  
Charles Richard Harper Launton     1916? 32    
George Harris Bicester Private       Ox&Bucks 3rd/4th  
Harry Harris Bicester Company Sergeant Major 9664 24/08/1916 30 Ox&Bucks 5th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Herbert Harris Cottisford Sapper 34583 25/04/1916 23 Royal Engineers 26thFC St Patrick's Cemetery, Loos
William Harris Bicester Private       Ox&Bucks  
Frederick James Harrup Fritwell Private 123376 21/03/1918 19 Machine Gun Corps 6th Arras Memorial, France
Lionel W Harsley Beckley Lance Corporal 230716 17/12/1917   King's Shropshire Light Infantry 10th Jerusalem Cemetery, Palestine
Albert James Hathaway Wendlebury Private 37732 28/06/1917 25 Royal Berkshire Reg. 5th Happy Valley Cemetery, France
Walter George Hathaway Chesterton Private 43737 28/08/1918 19 Worcestershire Reg. 2nd/8th Aire Cemetery, France
William Hathaway Wendlebury Private 23003 06/08/1915 17 Worcestershire Reg. 4th Helles Memorial, Turkey
William George Hathaway Wendlebury Private 202345 16/08/1917 34 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
A E Hawkins Bicester            
Albert George Hawkins Chesterton Guardsman 16449 11/04/1915 20 Grenadier Guards 2nd Bethune Cemetery, France
Cyril Morgan Hawtin Bicester Private 238053 01/09/1918 24 Duke of Wellington's Reg. 9th AIF Burial Ground, Somme
Herbert William Haynes Horton-cum-Studley Private 675A 23/07/1918 26 Australian Infantry 24th Crucifix Corner Cemetery, Somme
James Henry Hayward Kirtlington Private 8156 01/10/1916 24 Machine Gun Corps 70th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Sydney Hayward Kirtlington Private 35118 31/03/1918 20 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars Pozieres Memorial, France
Henry Hazell Lower Heyford   24047 or 43513 1916 or 1917 27 or 28    
B M Heape Bicester            
G Cecil Egerton Hedges Bicester Private 57380 15/07/1918 19 Worcestershire Reg. 3rd Bicester
Gerald Horatio Herbert Kirtlington Private 3048 31/07/1917 37 Welsh Guards 1st Artillery Wood Cemetery, Belgium
Arthur T Herring Bicester Private       Royal Army Medical Corps  
Joseph William Hicks Horton-cum-Studley Lance Corporal 202066 25/10/1918 29 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Romeries Cemetery, France
George Hines Bicester Sapper WR/27590 02/04/1918 37 Royal Engineers 324thQC Aix-Noulette Cemetery, France
Harry George Hinton Stoke Lyne Private 14411 20/10/1916 24 Wiltshire Reg. 7th Pieta Cemetery, Malta
Arthur Hirons Bicester Private       National Reserve  
Francis John Hirons Bicester Rifleman 3049 16/08/1915 26 Rifle Brigade 3rd Lijssenthoek Cemetery, Belgium
Maurice Edward Hirons Bicester Private 8542 07/11/1914 21 Ox&Bucks 2nd Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Charles Morgan Hoare Bicester & Chesterton Lieutenant   24/08/1914 21 King's Hussars 15th La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial, France
William Hodges Middleton Stoney Private SE/5434 01/01/1916 41 Army Vet. Corps 18thVH Chatby War Cemetery, Alexandria
Arthur Stanley Holiday Merton            
William Garnet Holiday Merton Private 201118 16/06/1917 32 Royal Fusiliers 1st Arras Memorial, France
Frederick Hollis Ardley & Somerton Private L/17258 22/11/1918 29 Middlesex Reg. Fewcott
Arthur William Holton Wendlebury Private 40277 26/07/1917 36 Northumberland Yeomanry 2nd/1st Dozinghem Cemetery, Belgium
Leonard Holton Newton Purcell     20/11/1917   Oxfordshire Hussars 18th  
Mary Hombersley Islip Nurse   27/11/1917 55    
Albert David Honour Charlton-on-Otmoor Lance Corporal 25507 06/12/1917 24 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Cambrai Memorial, France
Sidney Arthur Hopcraft Ambrosden Lance Corporal 285557 29/03/1917 23 Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars Faubourg D'Amiens Cemetery, France
William George Hopcraft Chesterton Private 9454 29/07/1916 24 Ox&Bucks 1st North Gate Cemetery, Baghdad
William Hopkins Merton            
John Horwood Newton Purcell Lance Corporal 9037 03/09/1916 27 Ox&Bucks 1st Baghdad War Cemetery, Iraq
Oliver Horwood Newton Purcell Private 8592 29/10/1914 20 Scots Guards 1st Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Albert Hounslow Lower Heyford Private 426568 25/09/1916 26 Canadian Infantry 13th Vimy Memorial, France
Richard James House Stratton Audley Private 12722 08/08/1918 28 Norfolk Reg. 7th Morlancourt Cemetery, Somme
John Christian How   2nd Lieutenant   02/04/1917 19 Royal West Surrey Reg. 2nd Croisilles Cemetery, France
Samuel Hudson Bicester Private       Ox&Bucks  
Thomas Hudson Bicester Able Seaman 179557 22/09/1914 36 Royal Navy Chatham Naval Memorial
Tom Hudson/Izzard Upper Heyford Comp. Sergeant Major 6970 25/09/1915 32 Ox&Bucks 2nd Guards Cemetery, Cuinchy, France
Albert Hughes Middleton Stoney Private 242457 22/03/1918 28 Notts & Derbs Reg. 10th Arras Memorial, France
John Albert Humphrey   2nd Lieutenant   16/01/1919   RAF Weston-on-the-Green
William Thomas Hunt Bicester Private 6192 07/06/1915 29 King's Dragoon Guards 1st Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
James Peter Hurst   Private 9925 16/05/1915 22 Ox&Bucks 2nd Le Touret Memorial, France
Albert Frederick Inwood Chesterton Private 17259 06/08/1915 28 Hampshire Reg. 2nd Helles Memorial, Turkey
Edgar John Jameson Bucknell Private 10116 07/04/1918 22 Ox&Bucks 5th Souplet Cemetery, France
Ezra Richard Jeacock Launton Private 4260 08/08/1916 30 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Launton
William Joseph Jeacock Bicester Private 66865 29/08/1918 20 Devonshire Reg. 5th Vis-en-Artois Memorial, France
W Jenkins Bicester            
Walter Johnson Middleton Stoney Private 5283 04/10/1917 24 Machine Gun Corps 205th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Edward G Joines   Sergeant 12614 17/08/1917 34 Royal Field Artillery Bleuet Farm Cemetery, Belgium
Ellis Jones Islip Private 16563 15/10/1915 36 Ox&Bucks 5th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Jesse Jones Horton-cum-Studley 2nd Lieutenant   11/11/1914 31 Ox&Bucks 2nd Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Arthur James Jordan   Private 23050 20/08/1916 31 Gloucestershire Reg. 1st Delville Wood Cemetery, Somme
Gerald Judge   Private 904 24/05/1916 26 Royal Fusiliers 22nd Zouave Valley Cemetery, Souchez
Ronald Melville Judge Ardley Private 4682 05/04/1916 22 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 9th Basra Memorial, Iraq
Robert Kerwood   Private 45097 27/04/1918 19 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Harry Robert Kightley   Private 6750 01/07/1916 19 Royal Fusiliers 11th Dantzig Alley Cemetery, Somme
Albert King Bicester Mdst Private 201840 13/08/1916 20 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Bert King   Private 29039 24/05/1918 36 Border Reg. 7th Puchevillers Cemetery, Somme
Frederick James King   Driver 31126 19/10/1915 26 Royal Horse Artillery Chocques Cemetery, France
Thomas King Bicester Rifleman 12573 22/08/1916 19 King's Royal Rifle Corps Thiepval Memorial, Somme
William Joseph King Bicester Lance Corporal 41263 21/11/1918 26 South Staffordshire Reg. 9th Montecchio Precalcino Cemetery, Italy
William Thomas King Kirtlington Private 45286 06/10/1918 33 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st/4th Cairo Memorial Cemetery, Egypt
Reginald Kirk Merton            
Arthur Kirtland Merton Lance Corporal 25736 19/12/1917   Canadian Infantry 14th Etaples Cemetery, France
B Kirtland   Bombardier 317923 10/08/1918 28 Canadian Field Artillery Vrely Cemetery, Somme
Sidney Kirtland   Lance Corporal 17495 04/10/1916 33 Ox&Bucks 5th Etaples Cemetery, France
Walter Kirtland Merton            
Rowland Knapton Ambrosden            
Arthur John Lake Souldern Private 27547 25/01/1917 19 Worcestershire Reg. 9th Amara Cemetery, Iraq
Herbert Joseph Lamb   2nd Lieutenant   09/10/1918 24 RAF Bicester
Edward Christopher Lamborn Charlton-on-Otmoor Rifleman 592238 07/04/1917 30 London Irish Rifles 1st/18th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Arthur William Lambourne Kirtlington Private 260707 22/10/1918 21 Border Regiment 1st Heestert Cemetery, Belgium
Ernest Arthur Lambourne Bicester & Launton     1917? 20    
Harry Lambourne Kirtlington Private 10529 25/09/1915 23 Ox&Bucks 5th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Edwin Francis Lane Hethe Private 19642 06/06/1915 17 Wiltshire Reg. 1st Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
William Arnold Lang Bicester Private   21/03/1918   Ox&Bucks 5th  
A Langford Hethe Private 27869 or 59552 1916 or 1919   Worcestershire Reg.  
George Larner Lower Heyford Gunner 152800 04/11/1917 25 Royal Garrison Artillery 229thSB Hooge Crater Cemetery, Belgium
William George Lee   Private 3419 29/09/1915 20 Royal West Surrey Reg. 1st Chocques Cemetery, France
Albert Andrew George Lewis Somerton Private 48338 09/04/1917 22 Royal Fusiliers 10th Arras Memorial, France
William Long   Private 201964 03/09/1917 21 Ox&Bucks 5th Hamburg Cemetery, Germany
Edwin James Maccabee Lower Heyford Private 203317 31/07/1917 35 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th New Irish Farm Cemetery, Ypres
John Manley Lower Heyford            
Joseph Markham Ambrosden Private 285835 30/03/1917 18 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars 1st Duisans Cemetery, France
Charles Thomas Marriott Fringford Private 201893 21/03/1918 21 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Pozieres Memorial, France
George Marriott Launton     1918? 24    
Alec Stuart Marshall Islip Corporal M2/035041 01/10/1916 27 Royal Army Service Corps Bernafay Wood Cemetery, Somme
Basil Thomas Martin   Private 9837 01/11/1914 19 Yorkshire Reg. 2nd Ypres Cemetery, France
John Massey Launton Private 18942 23/03/1918 23 Ox&Bucks 2nd Bancourt Cemetery, France
Sidney Massey Bicester Pioneer 130125 15/09/1916 21 Royal Engineers Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Somme
Howard Stanley May Ardley & Stoke Lyne Private 200931 22/08/1917 21 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
William Clarence May Ardley & Stoke Lyne 2nd Lieutenant   26/10/1917 25 Northumberland Fusiliers 1st/5th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
George Meads Hethe Private 33126 27/12/1914 28 Canadian Field Ambulance Bulford
William Alfred (Jesse) Medcraft Islip Private 32308 13/10/1917 20 York and Lancaster Reg. 10th Outtersteene Cemetery, France
Arthur John Merry Charlton-on-Otmoor Private 41886 27/05/1918 18 Worcestershire Reg. 3rd Soissons Memorial, France
Joseph James Millioni Islip Private 203722 16/08/1917 35 Ox&Bucks 6th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Albert Edward Mitchell Ardley Private 48542 26/08/1918 20 Royal Berkshire Reg. Peronne Rd Cemetery, Somme
Robert Menzies Mocatta Beckley 2nd Lieutenant   10/08/1915 23 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st/5th Helles Memorial, Turkey
George Morris Bletchingdon Private 5459 01/07/1916 29 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Merville Cemetery, France
Joseph Coles Morris Bletchingdon Private 7829 04/11/1914 22 Ox&Bucks 2nd Boulogne Cemetery, France
Richard William Mosto Kirtlington Private L/6712 15/09/1916 31 East Kent Reg. 1st Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Frank Allan Mulford Islip Acting Corporal M2/035046 26/09/1917 22 Royal Army Service Corps Islip
George Edwin Mullis   Captain   30/09/1916 38 Royal Garrison Artillery 14thHB Aveluy Cemetery, France
Percy Nash Bucknell Private 203106 22/08/1917 38 Royal Berks. Reg. 2nd/4th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Alfred James Randall Neal   Private G/25477 12/08/1918 19 Royal West Surrey Reg. 11th Ocklynge Cemetery, Eastbourne
Edwin Neale Islip Private 267234 27/08/1917 33 Ox&Bucks 1st Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Harry Nicholls Ardley            
Philip Giesler Norbury   Lieutenant   01/07/1916 21 East Kent Reg. 7th Dantzig Alley Cemetery, Somme
Harry Charles Norman Lower Heyford            
James Norman Upper Heyford Signaller 10992 15/07/1916 24 Ox&Bucks 5th Avesnes-le-Comte Cemetery, France
Ernest Arthur Norton Stratton Audley Rifleman A/445 03/08/1915 25 King's Royal Rifle Corps 8th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Francis Whitwell Owen Bucknell Private 1884 31/03/1916 21 Royal Fusiliers 18th Vermelles Cemetery, France
Charles Painter Bucknell Private 33604 11/09/1917 36 Ox&Bucks 2nd/1st New Irish Farm Cemetery, Ypres
Arthur Parker   Private 13600 24/12/1914 48 Hampshire Reg. 12th Worting Road Cemetery, Basingstoke
Henry Thomas Parker Bicester Private 4694 29/06/1916 21 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Laventie Cemetery, France
Ralph Windsor Parker   Captain   28/03/1918 27 Grenadier Guards 3rd St Hilaire Cemetery, France
Leslie Hamilton Paxton Mixbury Sergeant 10674 12/07/1915   Ox&Bucks 5th Poelcapelle Cemetery, Belgium
Wilfred Paxton Finmere Lance Corporal 220081 15/02/1918   Royal Berkshire Reg. 2nd Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
Harold Victor Payne Beckley Private 4865 23/08/1916 18 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
John Henry Payne Souldern Private 9076 22/11/1915 25 Ox&Bucks 1st Basra Memorial, Iraq
Percy Payne   Lance Corporal 10971 25/09/1915 21 Ox&Bucks 5th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
William Payne Bicester            
Thomas James Pearman Lower Heyford Private 24366 12/06/1917 26 Ox&Bucks 2nd Hamburg Cemetery, Germany
Arthur Penn Launton     1917? 38    
William Thomas Penn   Private 16008 07/10/1918 30 Wiltshire Reg. 7th Doingt Cemetery
Frederick Perks Lower Heyford Private 105434 26/09/1917   Machine Gun Corps Erquinghem-Lys Churchyard, France
Donald Pettigrew Horton-cum-Studley Private 241498 25/09/1917 25 Royal Sussex Reg. 11th Hooge Crater Cemetery, Belgium
E Peverell Cottisford Gunner 62381 27/10/1918 22 Royal Field Artillery 19th Mikra Cemetery, Greece
W Peverell Cottisford            
Henry Sydney Charles Peyton Stoke Lyne Lieutenant-Colonel   24/03/1918 26 Rifle Brigade 2nd Fouquescourt Cemetery, Somme
Eustace Edward Lovett Phillips Caversfield 2nd Lieutenant   30/10/1915 21 Royal Berks. Reg. 6th Becourt Cemetery, Somme
Henry Phipps Merton            
Percy Frederick Pittam Chesterton Private 12125 19/02/1917 27 Ox&Bucks 6th AIF Burial Ground, Somme
E W Pitts Bicester Shoeing Smith 219702 02/01/1918   Royal Engineers Training Depot Bicester
James Pollard Bicester Private       Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th  
Ralph Porter Chesterton & Weston-on-the-Green Private 10863 25/09/1915 25 Ox&Bucks 5th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Richard Porter Chesterton Gunner 291840 08/04/1918 30 Royal Garrison Artillery 132ndHB St Pierre Cemetery, Somme
Alfred Powell Bicester Private 04888 16/05/1917 25 Army Ordnance Corps Avesnes-le-Comte Cemetery, France
Frank Powell Bicester Private 12423 03/07/1916 22 Welsh Reg. 8th Amara Cemetery, Iraq
Frederick James Powell Bucknell Private 9143 09/06/1915 33 Ox&Bucks 2nd Bucknell
Herbert Percy Powell Bicester Private 54034 26/09/1918 23 King's Royal Rifle Corps 2nd Brie Cemetery, Somme
John Pratt Bicester Private 9485 07/01/1916 25 Ox&Bucks 1st Basra Memorial, Iraq
Lionel Allan Pratt Kirtlington Sergeant 33975 23/06/1918 28 Royal Army Medical Corps Aubigny Cemetery, France
Edwin Thomas Price Oddington Private 15989 21/03/1918 33 Leicestershire Reg. 2nd/4th Arras Memorial, France
Harry Price Oddington Private 9763 21/10/1914 19 Ox&Bucks 2nd Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Joseph Price Oddington            
Leonard Price Oddington Gunner 53385 07/07/1916 20 Royal Garrison Artillery 57thSB Warloy-Baillon Cemetery, Somme
Frederick Pym Horton-cum-Studley Sergeant 1082 14/11/1916   Australian Infantry 25th Warlencourt Cemetery, France
Leonard Rainbow Kirtlington Private 8139 21/10/1914 18 Ox&Bucks 2nd Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
G Fred Rawlings Bicester Private 29422 25/03/1918 23 Grenadier Guards 3rd Bac-du-Sud Cemetery, France
Lewis Rhymes   Private 7657 25/12/1914 28 Gloucestershire Reg. 1st Boulogne Cemetery, France
Charles Ernest Richardson Fringford Private 18398 13/08/1916 21 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 11th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
William Richardson Bicester            
Edward Duncan Righton   Private 4525 14/11/1916 20 Royal Fusiliers 23rd Serre Road Cemetery no.2, Somme
William Frederick Robbins Souldern Private 21257 08/05/1917 29 Ox&Bucks 7th Doiran Memorial, Greece
William Robert Robbins Souldern Private 203330 15/06/1918 19 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Boscon Cemetery, Italy
George Robinson Bicester Private 23061 09/08/1916 28 Ox&Bucks 2nd Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Kenneth Sutherland Rudd Souldern Captain   10/10/1918 24 West Yorkshire Reg. 10th Caudry Cemetery, France
William James Russell Bicester Private 5838 16/09/1916 26 London Reg. 1st/23rd Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Frederick John Sansom   Private 18408 09/10/1915 21 Grenadier Guards 3rd Lillers Cemetery, France
Edgar Stanley Scott   2nd Lieutenant   07/11/1918 19 RAF Weston-on-the-Green
Jesse Scragg Upper Heyford Private 203793 25/10/1918 36 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Vis-en-Artois Memorial, France
Sidney George Scragg Upper Heyford Private 202096 27/08/1917 30 Ox&Bucks 1st/1st New Irish Farm Cemetery, Ypres
Walter Scraggs Charlton-on-Otmoor Private 19055 06/04/1916 18 Ox&Bucks 1st Basra Memorial, Iraq
Arthur James Scrivener Bicester Private 23322 13/11/1916 25 Ox&Bucks 2nd Redan Ridge Cemetery no.2, Somme
G T Searle   Private 30395 01/10/1918 40 Ox&Bucks 2nd Anneux Cemetery, France
Charles Robert Sharp Ambrosden & Arncott Methodist            
Henry Shaw Ambrosden Private S2/SR/04399 27/10/1918 50 Army Service Corps Ambrosden
Isaac Henry Shepherd Merton Private 18332 31/07/1917 27 Royal Berks. Reg. 6th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
William James Shepherd Charlton-on-Otmoor & Merton Rifleman 5652 15/09/1916 20 1st Surrey Rifles Thiepval Memorial, Somme
William James Sherrell Islip Petty Officer   09/12/1922 24 Royal Navy Islip
Caleb J. Sherwood Bicester Sergeant M/225119 27/04/1917 37 Army Service Corps. Suda Bay War Cemetery
Frank Simmonds Kirtlington Private S/9599 30/09/1918 23 Argyll and Southern Highlanders 10th Joncourt Cemetery, France
Ralph Edward Simmonds Bicester Corporal 16728 14/09/1918 33 Royal Berks. Reg. 7th Taranto Cemetery, Italy
T H Simmonds Bicester            
Archibald Simons Launton Private 6012 24/10/1916 20 Middlesex Reg. 2nd AIF Burial Ground, Somme
William Charles Simons Bicester & Launton Private 16865 29/09/1915 22 Grenadier Guards 3rd Loos Memorial, France
Thomas William Slatter Upper Heyford Private 7481 28/04/1917 33 Ox&Bucks 2nd Arras Memorial, France
E Smith Bicester            
E Smith Bicester            
Ernest John Smith Bicester Trooper       Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars  
F Smith Hethe Private       Dorsetshire Reg.  
Francis John Smith Bicester Mdst Lieutenant   30/10/1918 34 London Reg. 15th Bicester
Frederick Smith Bucknell Lieutenant   1917?   Welsh Reg. (Territorials)  
Isaac Smith   Private 32879 07/10/1916 25 Ox&Bucks 6th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Joseph Smith Islip Lance Corporal 10954 30/07/1916 19 Ox&Bucks 2nd Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Reginald Arthur Smith Bicester Corporal 12162 03/09/1916 26 Ox&Bucks 6th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Thomas Austin Smith Launton Gunner 65207 04/10/1917 28 Royal Garrison Artillery 120thSB Lijssenthoek Cemetery, Belgium
William C Smith Islip Private 55853 23/04/1917 32 Machine Gun Corps St Nicholas Cemetery, France
Alexander Young Crawshay Mainwaring Spearman   Commander   04/06/1915 52 Royal Navy Helles Memorial, Turkey
Hubert Victor Sperrin Hampton Poyle Private 17849 31/07/1916 18 Ox&Bucks 2nd Dive Copse Cemetery, Somme
J Spyer   Rifleman R/13464 23/10/1918 21 King's Royal Rifle Corps 9th Belgrade Cemetery, Belgium
Sidney Stairs Bicester Private 18920 24/03/1916   Grenadier Guards Brandhoek Cemetery, Belgium
Herbert Joseph Stanley Bicester Lance Corporal 25514 09/04/1917 29 Wiltshire Reg. 2nd Neuville-Vitasse Cemetery, France
Alfred George Stanton Horton-cum-Studley Private 105140 31/07/1918 33 Machine Gun Corps 34th Oulchy-le-Chateau Churchyard, France
Alfred William Stanton Horton-cum-Studley Private 203759 13/03/1917 24 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Bray Cemetery, Somme
Harry Thomas Stevens Somerton Private 27939 26/09/1917 33 Ox&Bucks 2nd Cambrin Cemetery, France
Henry (Harry?) Stevens Islip     1914?      
John Edward Stevens Stratton Audley Private 201635 21/03/1918 22 Ox&Bucks 2nd/4th Bellicourt Cemetery, France
W Stevens Hethe Private   1917?   Royal Warickshire Reg.  
Thomas Percival Stone Bicester Private 1849 08/02/1916 20 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars Vermelles Cemetery, France
Arthur Cecil Stonehill   Private 7982 21/10/1914 22 Ox&Bucks 2nd Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Arthur Thomas Stopp   Private 19532 17/07/1916 34 Yorkshire Reg. 10th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Reginald Strickland Mixbury 2nd Lieutenant   25/12/1915 23 Ox&Bucks 3rd Bethune Cemetery, France
George Aubrey Sumner Beckley Private 223013 30/11/1917 20 Royal Berkshire Reg. 5th Cambrai Memorial, France
Reginald Budd Sumner Bucknell Private 5138 23/07/1916 20 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Pozieres Cemetery, France
Cyril Henry Swell Bicester     02/10/1918 20 Royal Engineers France
Frederick Henry Swetman Souldern Private 25850 30/04/1917 36 Ox&Bucks 2nd Aubigny Cemetery, France
William John Swetman Souldern Private 18465 30/07/1916 18 Ox&Bucks 2nd Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Cholmeley Symes-Thompson Finmere Captain   17/11/1914 33 Grenadier Guards 2nd Zillebeke Churchyard, Belgium
Ernest Frank Taylor Bletchingdon Lance Corporal 23085 10/09/1918 21 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Cavalletto Cemetery, Italy
G Temple Bicester            
Richard George Thorpe Stratton Audley Sergeant 11473 17/08/1915 22 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 8th Helles Memorial, Turkey
Henry Edward Roger Tibbetts Bicester & Bucknell Private 23989 28/04/1917 34 Ox&Bucks 2nd Orchard Dump Cemetery, France
Edwin Timms Cottisford Private 81889 26/04/1916 36 Canadian Infantry 2nd Woods Cemetery, Belgium
Frank Charles Titcombe Middleton Stoney Private 68153 28/07/1918 21 Devonshire Reg. 1st/5th Courmas Cemetery, France
Gerald Joseph Tompkins Bicester & Islip Corporal 285391 19/11/1918 28 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars Solesmes Cemetery, France
William Arthur Thomas Trafford Hethe Private 12533 25/09/1915 27 Ox&Bucks 5th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Alfred Holloway Truman Bicester 2nd Lieutenant   06/04/1916 19 Ox&Bucks 3rd/1st Basra Memorial, Iraq
William John Tubb Islip Sergeant 10913 24/08/1916 23 Ox&Bucks 5th Delville Wood Cemetery, Somme
Albert (Alfred) Tuffrey Islip Private 16559 25/09/1915 34 Ox&Bucks 5th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Trevor Sidney Tuffrey   Private 9391 31/07/1916 21 Ox&Bucks 1st Basra Memorial, Iraq
George Howard Turner Bicester Private 4771 14/08/1916 24 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Henry Edwin Turner   Private 203694 16/08/1917 31 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
William Tuffrey Turner Ambrosden Private 22144 08/05/1917 20 Ox&Bucks 2nd Bruay Cemetery, France
Cyril James Turney Bicester Private 10384 13/05/1915 18 Prince Albert's Own Hussars 11th Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres
Frederick Turney Middleton Stoney   265549 or G/49698 1917 or 1918      
Frederick Henry Tyrrell   Private 37783 23/10/1918 35 Royal Berks. Reg. 8th Highland Cemetery, France
George William Varney Middleton Stoney Lance Corporal 10878 25/09/1915 27 Ox&Bucks 5th Perth Cemetery, Belgium
Thomas Varney Middleton Stoney Acting Bombardier 43405 10/11/1916 21 Royal Garrison Artillery 12thHB Guards Cemetery, Lesboeufs, France
Thomas John Veary Charlton-on-Otmoor Private 14958 07/12/1916 30 Coldstream Guards 1st Combles Cemetery, Somme
Albert Waddup Lower Heyford & Middleton Stoney Private 4886 25/08/1916 23 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 1st/8th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Frank Waddup Fritwell Private 16473 or 22712 03/05/1917 26 Ox&Bucks 5th Arras Memorial, France
George Ernest Waddup Lower Heyford Driver 102106 18/07/1916 35 Royal Field Artillery 80th Pieta Cemetery, Malta
William Samuel Waddup Fritwell Private 18467 30/07/1916 40 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 14th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Walter Walduck Bicester Private 3820 04/08/1916 47 Ox&Bucks 4th Bicester
Ronald Anthony Walklett   Lance Corporal 33049 13/11/1916 19 Ox&Bucks 2nd Redan Ridge Cemetery no.3, Somme
Albert Edward Walton   Private G/47110 16/03/1918 34 Royal Fusiliers 10th Birr Cross Roads Cemetery, Belgium
Christopher Walton Kirtlington Private 202148 24/08/1918 20 Royal Lancaster Reg. 8th St Hilaire Cemetery, France
John Walton   Private 2239 09/04/1916 21 Ox&Bucks 1st/4th Beauval Cemetery, Somme
William Thomas Walton Kirtlington Private 39396 03/12/1916 19 Royal Berks. Reg. 8th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Alfred Waring Fringford Private 968 21/08/1915 38 Royal Bucks. Hussars Helles Memorial, Turkey
John Warner Islip Private 28107 08/02/1918 38 Devonshire Reg. 13th Fernham, Berks.
Henry George Watkin Hethe Major   21/08/1915 41 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars 4th Helles Memorial, Turkey
Albert Watson Islip            
Henry James Watts Somerton Private 8518 27/05/1918 25 Machine Gun Corps 8th Soissons Memorial, France
William Watts Somerton Private 8607 25/09/1915 25 Ox&Bucks 2nd Loos Memorial, France
William Arthur George Webb Goddington Private 16346 17/07/1915 19 Ox&Bucks 8th Goddington
Aubrey Ernest Westbury Souldern Private G/25256 12/08/1916 38 Middlesex Reg. 16th Bedford House Cemetery, Belgium
Walter Thomas Westbury Souldern Private 18149 31/07/1916 18 Ox&Bucks 2nd Corbie Cemetery, Somme
William Henry Westbury Souldern Lance Corporal 50502 26/01/1917 36 Royal Fusiliers 12th Loos Memorial, France
John Cyril Wheeler Wendlebury Private 12156 20/11/1917 21 Ox&Bucks 6th Cambrai Memorial, France
Reginald William White Fritwell Private 29844 22/03/1918 19 Royal Warwickshire Reg. 2nd/7th Pozieres Memorial, France
Wallace Jethro Whyton Islip Private 8455 14/01/1915 20 Ox&Bucks 2nd Brown's Road Cemetery, France
Cyril Wiggins Oddington Private 27412 10/10/1918 18 Scotish Horse Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton
Ernest David Wilkins   Private 13983 15/09/1916 35 Coldstream Guards 1st Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Henry Williams   Private 41810 23/02/1917 34 Worcestershire Reg. 1st/8th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Frederick John Wilson Upper Heyford Private 2375 16/07/1915 18 Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars St Sever Cemetery, Rouen
James Winman Bicester Private 57385 14/06/1917 26 Machine Gun Corps Metz-en-Couture Cemetery, France
Francis Harry Varney Wise Somerton Lieutenant   13/01/1918 23 Royal Flying Corps Teddington
George Henry Wise Kirtlington Private DM2/163326 15/07/1917 24 Royal Army Service Corps Basra Cemetery, Iraq
Herbert William Wise Charlton-on-Otmoor Private 19179 06/11/1918 20 Ox&Bucks 7th Plovdiv Cemetery, Bulgaria
Thomas Wise Weston-on-the-Green Private 10864 21/04/1918 24 Ox&Bucks 2nd Cambrai East Cemetery, France
William Wise Weston-on-the-Green Gunner 210059 13/05/1921 41 Royal Field Artillery Weston-on-the-Green
Ernest Wood Bicester Private 18187 09/05/1917 21 Ox&Bucks 7th Doiran Memorial, Greece
John Frederick Woodall Islip 2nd Lieutenant   08/11/1917 18 Machine Gun Corps Gaza Cemetery
Richard Woodhouse Bucknell Private SE.17624 Q3 1917 49 Army Vet. Corps  
Alfred Wrighton   Private 17146 17/08/1916 37 Northamptonshire Reg. 7th Thiepval Memorial, Somme
George William Wyatt   Lance Corporal 49054 02/04/1917 30 Devonshire Reg. 8th Ecoust St Mein Cemetery, France
John Wyatt Bucknell Private 72910 29/06/1918 31 Sherwood Forresters 2nd Terlincthun Cemetery, Wimille