Roll of Honour

Below is a list of men and women from the local area who died in the Second World War. It has been collated from all the war memorials in the area, as well as information from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and other local sources.

But the information is far from complete and we would like to gather together as much information on these people, and any others from the area who served in the conflict. If you can help us by contributing any documents, photographs, objects or stories that you have then please contact us at:


Hopcraft, George Bernard (Private)
Newport, Frank Douglas (Private)


Hollis, Albert Edward (Private)


Allan, Robert (Sergeant (Pilot))
Anderson, Archibald Watt (Sergeant (Pilot))
Barnes, Sydney Roy (Sergeant (Pilot))
Barrett, P
Blackshire, Alfred Stephen Edgar (Sergeant (Pilot))
Brittain, J
Dowland, Frederick Henry (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Farmer, James Thomas Edward (Flight Lieutenant (Pilot))
Golder, Archibald John (Private)
Grace, Charles Frederick (Private)
Jackson, Ronald Adey (Sergeant (Air Gunner))
Kessler, Robert Charles William (Private)
Lyon, Horace John (Flight Lieutenant)
Reeve, William George (Flying Officer)
Robb, George Barclay (Flight Sergeant (Air Observer))
Scott, Joseph John (Sapper)
Taylor, F R
Temple, Albert John (Sergeant (Air Observer))
Templeton, Pat Neff (Flight Sergeant (Pilot))
Thompson, Harold Geoffrey Allen (Pilot Officer (Navigator))
van Cleaf, Raymond Kenneth (Pilot Officer (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Woodhouse, Ronald (Flight Lieutenant)


Howe, Alan (Gunner)


Bailey, Allan Edward (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Bailey, Arthur Henry (Gunner)
Bond, William David Gordon (Sergeant (Pilot))
Cody, James Doan (Pilot Officer)
Cox, Robert Ernest (Pilot Officer)
Farmer, James Thomas Edward (Flight Lieutenant (Pilot))
Fisk, Kenneth Frederick (Pilot Officer)
Green, Dennis Richard Dale (Flying Officer (Pilot))
Hall, R A J (Private)
Harvey-Jacobs, Kenneth Charles (Pilot Officer)
Hill, Robert James (Flight Lieutenant (Pilot))
Ivens, Douglas Hickling (Flying Officer (Observer))
Johnson, William Keith (Pilot Officer)
Laver, George Francis (Aircraftman, 1st Class)
Mackinnon, John (Flight Sergeant (Observer))
McClenaghan, Thomas (Aircraftman, 1st Class)
Miller, Henry Algernon Gascoyne (Sergeant (Pilot))
Neal, Donald Alexander (Sergeant (Pilot))
Raines, Reginald Stanley (Sergeant (Observer))
Reed, Davis Hewson (Leading Aircraftman)
Rennie, Andrew Roland (Sergeant (Pilot))
Ruddock, John (Sergeant (Pilot))
Schrader, George Howard (Flight Sergeant (Pilot))
Smith, Robert Daniel (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Steadman, Alfred William (Sergeant (Observer))
Turner, Frank Lees (Sergeant (Pilot))


Ancil, Conroy Henry (Lieutenant)
Kerwood, Cyril George (Private)
Varney, Alfred Thomas (Private)


Watts, Ronald John


Symes-Thompson, Richard Edmund (Civilian)


Cresswell, Charles Ernest (Warrant Officer)
Crew, Kenneth
West, Theodore James (Squadron Leader)


Wyatt, Ronald William (Private)


Boggs, William Ferguson (Sergeant (Pilot))
Fruchtl, John George (Sergeant (Pilot))
Leighton, C. Francis Xavier (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Lloyd Mostyn, H P R (Lieutenant)
Tuttle, Meredith Edward (Sergeant (Pilot))
Wakefield, O G (Private)


Chesterman, Hugh (Lieutenant)
Newman, William Charles (Stoker, 1st Class)


Jarvis, A W


Allen, George
Ancil, Joseph
Massey, Charles J

Lower Heyford

Brock, Cyril John (Corporal)


Major, Michael Wakeman (Pilot Officer (Pilot))

Middleton Stoney

Ancil, Conroy Henry (Lieutenant)
Anderson, John Fraser (Pilot Officer (Air Observer))
Atkinson, George Andrew (Pilot Officer (Pilot))
Ball, Christopher Francis (Doogie) (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Carey, Peter Leslie (Sergeant (Navigator/Bomber))
Fetherston, Alan James (Sergeant (Pilot))
Finnigan, Brian Bernard Melrose (Sergeant (Air Bomber))
Foulkes, John Alfred (Pilot Officer (U/T Pilot))
Gregory, Richard St.Julien (Flight Sergeant (Air Observer))
Keene, Ronald Ernest (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Lennon, James (Aircraftman 2nd Class (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Lyon, James Gilbert (Pilot Officer (Pilot))
McDonald, Jack Thompson (Flight Sergeant (Navigator/Bomber))
Morgan, John Elcock (Flight Lieutenant (Pilot))
Nicoll, Douglas Grant (Flight Sergeant (Pupil Pilot))
Phillips, William Herbert Edward (Flight Sergeant (Pilot))
Piggott, Jack Edward (Pilot Officer (Pilot))
Robinson, Allan Launcelot (Sergeant (Pilot))
Sedgley, Edgar Albert Ernest (Pilot Officer (Pilot))
Shibko, Maurice (Sergeant (Air Gunner))
Skinner, Walter Anthony (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Smith, Ronald Leonard (Leading Aircraftman)
Sutherland, Vernon Elton (Flight Lieutenant (Pilot))
Taylor, Glenwood Alexander (Sergeant (Air Gunner))
Taynen, Donald Jack (Flight Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Thevenard, George Holland (Flying Officer (Pilot))
Trowbridge, Stuart Urquhart (Sergeant (Air Gunner))


Aldworth, John Richard St.Leger (Major)
Dunkley, Robert Henry (Sergeant (Air Gunner))

Newton Purcell

Gough, Harold (Gunner)


Franklin, Arthur Sidney (Private)


Paintin, William George (Canteen Manager)

Stoke Lyne

Rouse, J (Able Seaman)

Upper Heyford

Allen, Donald George (Sergeant (Pilot))
Amott, Jack (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Barrat, Douglas Harry Montague (Leading Aircraftman)
Bosch, Johannes Carolus (Pilot Officer (Pilot))
Brickett, Reginald Hermon (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Buckley, David Greville Litt (Pilot Officer (Pilot))
Clarke, William Keith (Sergeant (Air Observer))
Connell, Joseph Walter (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Corbett, William Howard (Flying Officer (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Dards, Monty Richard (Sergeant (Pilot))
Davis, Charles William (Sergeant (Air Observer))
Dunham-Treble, Ronald (Pilot Officer (Pilot))
Forster, Peter Charles Thomas (Sergeant (Pilot))
Frost, Rupert Chatham (Pilot Officer (Pilot))
Fynn, Castle Blunden Stapleton (Pilot Officer (Pilot))
Goldman, Joseph Jossie (Sergeant (Pilot))
Hill, James Cornelius (Sergeant (Pilot))
Howe, Jack Kenneth (Sergeant (Observer))
Ixer, John Howard (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
James, Harry Victor (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Jones, Robert Charles Dillon (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Keele, Gordon Frederick (Pilot Officer (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Lally, Patrick (Sergeant (Wireless Operator))
Leagas, Robert (Sergeant (Air Gunner))
MacAlister, John Edmund Seaton (Flying Officer (Pilot))
McBarnet, Edward William (Sergeant (Pilot))
Miller, Brian William (Pilot Officer (Bomb Aimer/Navigator))
Nash, Philip Llewellyn (Pilot Officer (Air Observer))
Newton, James Lyle (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Orchard, Edward Peter (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Parker, Reginald Alfred Stewart (Pilot Officer (Pilot))
Rose-Innes, Cosmo Patrick A. Innes (Sergeant (Pilot))
Simpson, Basil (Pilot Officer (Pilot))
Stack, Arnold Harvey (Sergeant (Pilot))
van Deemter, Cecil Broughton (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
van der Merwe, Nicholaas Petrus (Sergeant (Pilot))
Walker, William Waugh (Sergeant (Pilot))
Williams, Frank (Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner))
Yeo, John Lenus (Sergeant (Air Observer))