Bicester Historian Magazine

Bicester Historian 96

After the Bicester Historian became a quarterly magazine in July 2022 (for the monthly editions before that date see our newsletters page) it continued to be distributed digitally until, in April 2024, it transitioned into print.

The digital editions are available to download below, but the print editions, starting with Issue 96 "Schools", can be purchased from Coles Books, in Crown Walk, or ordered from BLHS for £5 each. Members get one copy free and can purchase additional copies from the Society at a reduced rate.

Issue 90 - July/September 2022
Issue 91 - October/December 2022
Issue 92 - January/March 2023
Issue 93 - April/June 2023
Issue 94 - July/September 2023 "Agriculture"
Issue 95 - October/December 2023 "Transport"